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Rosanna Belowus

Rosanna is a pioneer of the aesthetics industry having 35 years of experience, originally studying under EDITH SEREI in 1976. She opened her first salon in 1978 in Etobicoke. She has mastered all aspects of the beauty industry. Her years of experience of being a portrait artist and aesthetician have helped to perfect her talents in Permanent Makeup. The skill and experience of the tattoo artist are fundamental. Rosanna has performed hundreds of permanent makeup procedures. First studying under Alba Salazar of Continental Cosmetics in 1992, she has also completed advanced courses in Micropigmentation at the Canadian Micropigmentation Center under Pat Gauthier. She has done work with Cosmetic Surgeons in Ontario Dr. Roache and Dr.Lam. 

Jessica Gomez

Jessica has been an Aesthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist since 2002. She has been trained by the main beauty institutes, including The Britain Institute, Alba Salazar Continental Cosmetics, and completed advanced courses at the Canadian Micropigmentation Center, under Pat Gautier. She has mastered Permanent Makeup Techniques and is well known in the industry for consistently creating soft, beautifully polished looks for her clients.

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